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About KMS

Kato started racing in 1987 in Junior Britain at the age of 13. Following his 1st win in Birmingham in 1989 he joined JM Racing in 1990. He continued to race with JM for 14 years moving into Senior Britain. His career includes SuperOne wins, Kartmasters wins and many club wins. He took a break in 2001 due to family commitments but returned to take the 1st place trophy at Kartmasters. In 2004 he joined JM as race team manager leading many young drivers to success.

Kato started Kato Motorsport (KMS) in 2014 and has built an extremely successful team.

Race History

Started racing in 1987
1989 - 1st win in at Birmingham
1990 - joined JM Racing
1993 - qualified for SuperOne
1996 - changed class and won TVKC and LKRC championships
1997 - 1st at Kartmasters and S1 win at Wigan
1998 - 2nd in S1 Championship
1999 - TCKC Club champion; S1 win at Larkhall; 8th in S1 Championship
2000 - 10th in S1
2001 - 1st at Kartmasters
2004 - retired from racing and joined JM racing at team manager
2006 - won 3 S1 rounds; won Rotax cup at Wigan; won Kartmasters
2009 - won 3 rounds of LGM; won Kartmasters
2011 - won LGM
2014 - won TVKC & LKRC
2015 - won Welsh Iame Cadet Champion
2016 - won S1 & LGM Rounds. 3rd place finish in S1 British Championship